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Exclusive for ITG Clients

In the Game Insurance Services has partnered with Drive America to bring you some of the most unique and comprehensive roadside assistance plans on the market.  Just for being a client of In the Game Ins Agency, you will get exclusive pricing and a 90-day free Membership.  With 5 unique benefit levels, you can choose from we cover all the roadside needs.  As a member, you will receive exclusive access to benefits such as Vehicle Theft Reward, Identity Theft Protection, Emergency Travel Expenses, Ambulance Service, and even Hotel and Rental Car Discounts!

Why having roadside outside of your auto insurance carrier is a good idea in 2024!  Roadside claims and glass claims can count as a Comprehensive loss on your insurance and affect your ability to get the best rates.  In some cases we have seen roadside claims actually get someone denied coverage.  As brokers, we always want to get you the best rates and coverage.  There is no better roadside option than this.....Period!  Join over 15 million vehicle owners enjoying the benefits of a Drive America Motor Club Membership! Our Motor Club isn't your typical club where the benefits only include roadside assistance.

Every Package includes these benefits...

Roadside Package Options

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